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Odele Invertable Tote / 3-ways Bag (Dark Blue colour)
A solidly built tote bag is an everyday staple. Odele tote is your best companion during day ..
Ribbon Box Clutch (White)
Sold Out
Quilted hard case clutch bag topped with an acrylic bow at opening. Sling it by its chain strap o..
Belle Satchel Bag (Ash Brown colour)
Size: Height: 22cm Length:34cm Width: 5cm  Handle Height: 9cm Shoulder S..
Based on 1 reviews.
Royanna Sling Bag / Shoulder Bag (Orange colour)
Size: Height: 23cm Length:30cm Width: 10.5cm  Long Strap Height: 27cm ~ 58cm..
RM48.00 RM38.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Dessa Vintage-inspired Sling Bag (Mustard Brown colour)
Shoulder this vintage-inspired sling bag to any casual outings. Compact and convenient, the adjus..
Bellanca ver2.2 City Bag (Powder Grey)
An improved version of the popular design -- Bellanca at LoveBag LoveBag. This city bag is Balenc..
Zarina Tote Bag ver1.2 (Dark Red colour)
[Restocked design]   Size: Height: 32cm Length:33cm Width: 12cm Long..
Mitzi Shoudler Bag / Sling Bag (Khaki colour)
Design with the inspiration from Miu-Miu bag. This gorgeous shoulder bag comes in 3 colours. A vi..
RM49.00 RM39.00
Hertha Suede Big Zipper Clutch / Sling (Purplish Red)
Sold Out
Sleek and styled for day or night out, this elegant slim clutch is the perfect companion. Sty..
Gazelle Tote Bag / Sling Bag (Tan colour)
New Colour! Self-manufactured by LoveBag LoveBag Simple yet versatile design. Roomy bag ..
RM99.00 RM52.00